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Progenex Recovery

Progenex Recovery is the protein powder of choice for the Crossfit Games. The Crossfit Games is an invitation only event where the most elite athletes in the world compete against each other. Considering these athletes go through some of the most grueling workouts and competitions, you would expect that they know a thing or two about the best protein powder that helps them to recover after a workout. In fact 9 of the top 11 athletes in last year’s Crossfit Games used Progenex Recovery protein powder. If you want to know Progenex ingredients read this article.

What is Progenex Recovery?

PROGENEX Recovery is not simply a whey protein isolate. It has been hydrolyzed, or cut, using a proprietary enzymatic process that cuts the protein into tiny peptide sequences that can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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Progenex Recovery is designed to help you muscles recover after a catabolic workout. When you workout your muscles are destroyed from the energy put forth during the workout. Generally with rest, rehabilitation and nutrition your muscles recover. Protein powder shakes are the primary nutrition used by most athletes to speed recovery. Generally it takes on average three days for your muscles to recover after a workout. The concentrated bioactive protein sequence delivered by this protein powder resets the cause of muscle fatigue at the cellular level in hours. In other words, you can recover faster—and stronger—with PROGENEX Recovery, making it the ideal post-workout supplement for any athlete.

Progenex Recovery Advantages

Progenex Recovery is a protein powder that should be consumed immediately after any workout. If you are not working out then you do not need to take Progenex Recovery protein powder. Dr. Scott Connelly is responsible for the formulation and creation of Progenex Recovery protein powder. Dr. Connelly, a Harvard trained doctor, has been studying whey protein for the past 20 years. He has combined his research and knowledge in the manufacture of Progenex Recovery protein powder.

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The biggest advantage that Progenex Recovery offers is that it will help your muscles recover much faster than competing protein powders. In fact Progenex Recovery advertises that is will help your muscles to start recovering within hours after completing a workout instead of the traditional 3 days it takes with other protein powders. The smaller size of the peptides allow them to be ingested into your blood system much faster which greatly increases you recover speed after a workout.


Progenex Recovery Serving Sizes

Progenex Recovery comes in two different serving sizes. You can purchase Progenex Recovery in a 30 serving bag or you can purchase it in a package of 10 individual servings.
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Progenex Recovery is the Recommended Protein Powder of the Crossfit Games

The fact that Progenex Recovery is the protein powder of choice of elite athletes at the Crossfit Games should tell you that this is a great product. You can purchase Progenex Recovery at a 10% discount here.

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