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Kill Cliff Review

kill cliff

UPDATE:  I DO NOT recommend Kill CLiff anymore. In my opinion there are better products such as Progenex Recovery or HMB Sport by Blonyx. You can read my initial review below but realize that I no longer recommend Kill Cliff.

Are you a fan of energy drinks? If so, you may have come across a lot of this type of product on the market, but have you ever heard of Kill Cliff? If not, this kill cliff review will introduce you to a very interesting product.

What Is Kill Cliff?

In actuality, kill cliff recovery drink is one kind of lightly carbonated drinks that is specially formulated with the nutritional and supporting ingredients such as electrolytes. It was developed by a former United States Navy Seal.

The aim is to come up with a low calorie recovery drink that is suitable for daily consumption. At the same time, the kill cliff recovery drink also contains nutraceutical ingredients that aid in enhancing speed as well as athletic performance.

It is surprisingly delicious which is somewhat new to a healthy recovery drink that is not loaded with too much calories.

The Theory Behind The Product

This kill cliff review will tell you how this amazing recovery drink came into existence. Basically, the theory behind kill cliff is that the vital part of improving sports performance is to decrease the state of inflammation.

Most sports and recovery drinks that are available on the market only do two things and those are to: replace lost electrolytes and sugars as well as increase energy artificially. These products take for granted the fact that the main culprit for slow recovery and performance is inflammation.

Kill cliff recovery drink is something that breaks away from the traditional sports and recovery drink as it has the perfect blend of anti inflammatory ingredients and substances with a very low calorie count making it the right drink for everyday use.

About GNC Holdings

Kill cliff is now widely available nationwide at GNC stores and other outlets. What is GNC? Well, it is the premier specialty retailer of wellness and health products such as vitamins, herbal supplements, sports and nutrition drinks. As of 2012, GNC has over 7800 locations and almost 80% can be found in the United States while a great number of its franchise is operating in 55 countries globally.

This company is highly dedicated in helping people achieve total health and wellness. For over 75 years, GNC has been devoted to delivering superior health products like kill cliff that has undergone strict quality control.

Kill Cliff Review – The Verdict

Kill cliff recovery drink was awarded as the “Best Carbonated Beverage” of 2011. Thus, it is needless to say that this recovery drink has what it takes to be consumed by millions of customers worldwide. This recovery drink contains 15 calories and 25 mg of caffeine per can containing 12 ounces or 360 ml. Plus, this kill cliff review will tell you that it is really recovery drink of choice for everyone as it has no sugar content and it is loaded with all the electrolytes and nutrients your body needs to recover from physical exertion or strenuous activities such as exercise.

Get the aid that you need from this specially formulated drink that contains the highest quality low calorie energy drink that is extremely beneficial to your overall health and wellness.


I now recommend Progenex Recovery and HMB Sport by Blonyx. You can save 10% off your purchase price for either of these products by clicking on the banners below.
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